our mission...

5 key targets that UK Wild Boar Association

are aiming to achieve ......

  • Raise awareness of the wild boar across the United Kingdom and work to preserve their natural habitats.
  • Educate those who may interact with wild boar on how to behave safely around these special animals
  • See the 2012 experimental closed season, in the Forest of Dean, implemented every year around the United Kingdom as standard procedure and help ensure that these animals are only managed when absolutely necessary
  • Actively campaign to achieve the protection status the wild boar deserve and get DEFRA to drop the boar's feral tag.
  • Educate the general public to help put an end to the feeding of this animal



The UK Wild Boar Association DO NOT actively try and stop the illegal poaching of Wild Boar. This is a matter for the trained Wildlife Police and the Forestry Commission and/or land owners.

Please remember to pass on any information that you may have in relation to possible poachers to the police. If you see anything that strikes you as being suspicious, just dial 101 and report it. If you see what you believe to be an offence taking place, dial 999.

Above all, do not put yourselves in any danger. Let the police respond and deal with ALL incidents.

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